CCEN presents teacher professional learning workshop for teachers (K – 12) who are considering how to tackle teaching and learning about the climate crisis we now live in.

The Climate Change Education Network (CCEN) are a collective of educators who focus on climate change education research and scholarship. So, we believe we have ideas and resources that will support you to enhance your climate change education practices, with all grades (K – 12). We want to work with you to find out what you need and to help you unpack the complexity of our climate crisis, together.
Teacher workshops #1 and #2 are an opportunity to come together to consider what we, as a collective, know about our climate change crisis and how we, as educators, can develop greater action across the region.

The first two workshops focused on the Gippsland region. Future workshops are planned for Geelong and other parts of Victoria. Contact CCEN if you are interested in having a workshop in your local area.

Online workshop 1

We introduce ourselves, share some thoughts about the climate crisis and how it effects the region, and generate some ideas about how to educate students.

Online workshop 2

We will play and engage with the ideas generated in the first session focus on the grades to locate resources and share specific ideas.

RCE Gippsland Logo

The CCEN was pleased to be working in collaboration with the Gippsland RCE to develop and deliver the Gippsland Workshops. RCE Gippsland supports and mobilises education for sustainable education across the Gippsland region.

Upcoming workshops

Please contact us if you would like us to run a workshop series to focus on your specific Local Government Area (LGA) or if you would like to be added to our email list to hear about future events.

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