Learning about Location in a Climate of Change Online Seminar

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The 2019/2020 bushfire disaster and COVID-19, have been instigators of radical changes to place and the ways we relate to location. These events have highlighted the fragile nature of local environments and our relationships with them. It seems many of us are experiencing built and natural spaces in new ways and experiencing the blurring of boundaries between public and private.

As a collective, we wondered:
• What has changed and what has remained in how we experience location over the last year?
• How have COVID and the Bushfires impacted our experiences of place?
• How and in what ways are we learning about location and connection to natural environments through these events?

We have individually and collectively explored these questions using the pedagogy of a ‘storyline’. We each spent time in our own local natural environment, noticing what has changed and what has remained over time since the bushfires and covid-19. We recorded the storyline on our devices, and considered these questions independently, before coming together to share our individual storylines. As we did this, we created a collaborative storyline of our experiences of location in a climate of change.

Presented by Bronwyn Sutton, Gen Blades, Meg Upton and Peta White of the Climate Change Education Network

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