Workshop resources

Workshop outline

This workshop was presented at Kaleidoscope: Drama Victoria’s Annual Conference in 2020. It can be delivered in 45 or 60 minutes and can be extended acros a sequence of lessons for students of all ages and learning areas, capabilities and prioritis within the Victorian and Australian Curricula.The workshop outline is available to download here.

Other relevant links

Rainforest Info: This site provides you with deeper insight into deep ecology

Rainforet Info Youth: including a script for an ensemble cast of young actors inspired by the Council of All Beings as practice

The Work that Connects: A detailed overview of the Council of all Beings as a rich and sustained process, and a great resources page for educators

Ensemble task instructions

Instructions for ensemble task:

  1. Appoint a director to keep things flowing
  2. Each share your individual beings (max 5 mins in total)
  3. Choose one of these as your group’s being
  4. Brainstorm your being’s statement to humanity using the provocations
  5. As an ensemble, create a performative Statement to Humanity from your being
  6. Put the written component of your being’s Statement to Humanity in the google doc here

Brainstorm provocations

  • What is your being’s relationship to the world?
  • What is your being’s relationship to the broader ecosystem
  • Why is your being important?
  • What is happening to your being in the world?
  • If your being could speak, what would it say?
  • What is your being’s statement to humanity?

Performative Statement to Humanity

Draw on dramatic form, such as ritual, sound, music, use of voice, movement, gesture and shape to create a statement to humanity from your being.

Your being’s statement should be in first person. It should include a description of its features, a statement of impact and/or loss, and a statement of what your being offers humans. Aim for about one and half to two minutes long.

Example script – Mountain

As mountain I am ancient, strong, solid, enduring.

(Statement of impact, loss)
But now my forest skin is being torn off me, and my topsoil washes away. Blasts of dynamite shake me.

(Statement of what can be offered to humans)
As mountain I offer you my deep peace. Come to me to rest and dream. Without dreams, you may lose your vision.

The Council will reconvene at 1.02pm

We will invite a number of ensembles to perform their beings’ statement to humanity when the Council reconvenes at 1.02pm.

Because of the number of participants, there will not be time to hear from all beings today. Instead we invite you to share the written components of your beings statements to humanity so that we can read them all. Please put the words into this google doc.